Falling dreams are typical and might be related to anything liable to fall or fluctuate, including money, stocks, status, relationships, and expectations. Falling in a dream typically represents losing control of a significant problem.


The loss of control over important things, according to certified psychiatrist Dr Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, “also indicates fear, terror, and anxiety.” The sensation of falling could be a metaphor for helplessness. However, you can interpret your dream more precisely if you consider a few other cues, such as where you’re falling from, why you’re falling, and how it makes you feel.


The sensation is brought on by an uncontrollable muscle contraction known as a hypnic jerk, which happens when the body is in the hypnagogic state, between consciousness and light sleep. The brain may mistakenly believe that the body is falling and, as a result, in danger when the body enters a state of deep relaxation in preparation for sleep. As a result, the hypnotic jerk brings you back fully conscious.


Although having hypnic jerks is not seen as abnormal or cause for alarm, stress and stimulants might worsen them. This explains why individuals may have this odd yet unharmful sensation during particularly trying times.


Falling Dreams: The Science

Falling Dreams: The Science

One of the motifs described by Carl Jung in ‘Man and His Symbols’, which he connects to the myth of Icarus, is dreaming of falling asleep. Although Jung’s analysis of falling dreams is intriguing, the most fascinating aspect of his interpretation is how the dream is contextualized.


The primary purpose of dreams is to try to regain our psychological equilibrium by generating dream content that subtly restores the overall psychic equilibrium. It explains why those with exaggerated expectations, an inflated sense of self-worth, or who make ambitious plans that are bound out of proportion to their actual capacity dream of flying or falling. The dream makes up for their personality flaws while also alerting them to the perils of their current trajectory. If the dream’s cautions are neglected, actual accidents could occur in their place. The person could suffer an automobile accident or fall downstairs.


All dream analysis stems from this need to understand them, and the dread of falling is a common theme in books on the subject. While other interpretations regard these dreams as signs of an unspoken sense of losing control in one or more places of our lives, Jung saw them as a warning that our reach may have exceeded our grasp.


It should come as no surprise that Freud, Jung’s contemporary and mentor, assigned meaning to dreams of falling. He considers the falling to be a falling from grace and the actions essentially sexual.


What Makes Us Dream of Falling?

What Makes Us Dream of Falling?

Dreams of Falling: Physiological Justifications (The Hypnagogic Jerk)

Uncontrollable bodily movements or vocal outbursts characterize a sleep disorder called parasomnia (Hypnagogic Jerk) during sleep. This can manifest as sleep terrors, in which you awaken abruptly and physically wrench your limbs. Dreams of falling off a building or making a mistake while walking or climbing stairs might cause a rapid muscle spasm. Although parasomnia may appear minor, it can significantly affect your and others’ sleep health.


Psychological Justifications for Falling Dreams

Although dreams of falling can be unsettling, they are ultimately a positive omen. Your subconscious works out the details of a difficult circumstance while your conscious mind catches up. The impact of hitting the earth in dreams of falling frequently awakens you. If you fall to the ground and continue to dream, it can mean that your capacity for facing your concerns has improved and that you are mentally better off.


The same holds if you stay in the dream and see your dead body lying on the ground. Despite how unsettling that may sound, this is a clear sign that you are intellectually and emotionally sorting out a life imbalance. Sometimes, we can even experience a false awakening loop, a dream within a dream.


Does It Matter How You Dream About Falling?

Does It Matter How You Dream About Falling?

Specifics might be necessary. Being pushed down a cliff could represent a lack of trust in people or hidden powers. You can lack confidence if you accidentally trip and tumble off a cliff. Either the situation is beyond your control, or you’re clinging to something.


It’s not so terrifying to dream that you gracefully dove into a safety net or parachute out of an aeroplane. This can indicate that you’re freeing yourself or letting go of something harmful. The prevailing emotions the dream evokes may be more important than other elements.


According to the co-creative dream hypothesis, our responses to what occurs in the dream offer more information than specific . Certain items, people, or events may have various meanings for you, depending on your culture and personal background. Certain aspects of your dream may be relevant enough to your experience to give it perspective.


The amount of information you recall about your dreams before they fade should be recorded when attempting to comprehend them. Then reflect on how the dream’s characters, settings, and items relate to your current reality. Focus on the feelings you experienced and the real-life situations corresponding to those feelings.


Falling In Dreams, Then Waking Up

Falling In Dreams, Then Waking Up

Your legs jerk, and you startle awake just as you’re about to touch the ground, preventing you from falling. It is an uncomfortable way to awaken. Hypnotic jerks are sudden, uncontrollable muscle contractions that usually occur just before falling asleep. 60 to 70 % of us are impacted by it.


The sense of falling is one sign of a hypnic jerk, albeit the specific cause is unclear. There is occasionally a connection between hypnic jerks and nightmares of falling. This phenomenon most likely has less to do with your mind trying to communicate with you and more with your body drifting off to sleep.


When you wake up from a falling dream, you may feel saved.. It also increases the likelihood that you’ll remember this dream. However, it would help if you did not worry about falling asleep.


Different Types of Falling Dreams:

Falling dreams can take many different forms. Some dreams have the dreamer falling continuously rather than falling from anything. Falls can occur from cliffs, buildings, trees, or lifts. This will explain the significance of each sort of falling dream so that you can determine what it means to have a falling dream.


To fall from a cliff

In your dream, falling down a cliff signifies your anxiety about someone or something. In our falling dreams, losing contact with something physically is a metaphor for losing connection more generally in the waking world. The fall from a cliff could mean that special attention is paid to such things, whether this signifies losing contact with friends or family after a transfer or feeling like your dream is becoming unachievable.


Dreams about tripping

The anxiety of being late can be represented by stumbling in dreams. Trips signify failures or the dread of making mistakes at work and daily life. When we make a mistake, we frequently refer to it as “slipping up” or “tripping up,” which is strongly related to the dream’s meaning.


Dropping from the sky

Falling from the sky frequently denotes feeling out of control and could also mean you are anxious or conflicted about something. This kind of dream is most likely to occur when you are undergoing a significant transition in your life. Falling slowly from a high place could indicate you’re at a crossroads and can’t make a decision, explains Dorothy Chambers of Sleep Junkie.


Falling into a lift or down the shaft of a lift

Losing control and being confined can signify a severe loss of self-esteem, control, or a depressing mood, making it likely the most troublesome and complex dream to examine in detail.


What If You Have Dreams About Watching Someone Else Fall?

What If You Have Dreams About Watching Someone Else Fall?

Falling dreams typically draw attention to the flaws and weaknesses of the dreamer. However, for some people, it’s also possible to blame someone else’s failure—likely someone close to them—and harbour disappointment concerns. Seeing someone else falling in your dream typically represents some pent-up hatred or a sense of betrayal by a loved one.


It might also imply that the dreamer is attempting to do something admirable for the other person but is unsuccessful. Understanding the significance of this weird dream will be easier for you to understand if you examine your living situation, are self-conscious, and know how you feel about those around you.


Can You Stop Falling Dreams from Happening?

Your dreams are somewhat beyond your control. Reduce these habits to get more peaceful sleep.

  • Reduce your caffeine intake.
  • Before going to bed, relax by practicing breathing exercises or other methods.
  • Avoid physically demanding or emotionally taxing activities an hour before bed.
  • Electronics and office supplies should not be kept in the bedroom.
  • If you can’t fall asleep again after waking up, get out of bed and relax until you fall asleep again.


Nightmares frequently happen during stressful times. As you resolve your issues, your dreams of falling might stop. According to research, analyzing dreams may have therapeutic benefits. Therapy may be helpful if your nightmares of falling don’t stop or if they keep bothering you during the day. You can address the stress that causes your dreams by working with a trained mental health expert. Recurring nightmares can indicate the presence of ongoing stress, anxiety, or sleep difficulties. Speak to your doctor if you cannot improve your sleep independently.



Science still doesn’t fully understand why people dream or what particular dreams represent. Falling-related dreams frequently happen as you drift off to sleep and can happen simultaneously due to unconscious muscular contractions.


There are some solid theories regarding dreams and the emotions they represent. It would help to consider your meaning while interpreting your dreams’ specifics because we are all unique. Dreams of falling could express inadequacy or an uncontrollable sensation in your life. Taking care of your stressors may result in less bizarre dreams.


A state of sleep or anxiety can be the cause of constant nightmares. Consult your doctor if your dreams are affecting your physical or mental well-being. It’s easy to understand why we dream about falling. The quality of your sleep may greatly benefit from learning to let go of unpleasant feelings and circumstances.


The meaning of a falling dream does not need a complicated explanation. Falling dreams, although scary, are a sign that you are working on something and need to be kind to yourself. Another great way to interpret your dreams is to keep a dream journal. Even though it may not be possible to stop having nightmares and falling dreams entirely, you can learn more about yourself and your life by accepting and loving them.