Dreams are mysterious and can hold a multitude of meanings. We often find ourselves flabbergasted by certain dreams because of their absurd qualities. Our brains are highly creative, and our subconscious is highly metaphoric. So, our dreams contain subtle meanings that need to be sought and understood–the way we used to analyze poems as kids.

There are various conceptions as to how and why dreams occur. Some believe dreams are a form of divine communication, while others think them a doorway into the multiverse. According to scientific theories, dreams are a way for our subconscious to deal with repressed emotions and to prepare itself for future events.

In whichever case, deciphering the subtle and minute indications in our dreams can be of great significance in understanding what they are trying to tell us. There are various aspects to a dream, and each one can be dug deeper into.

Dreaming in color Vs. Black and White

The significance of colors in dreams is astounding but more astounding still is how our waking exposure to colors (or its lack) can affect the visuals of our dreams.

Before the advent of color TV, during the reign of black-and-white media, most people reported dreaming in black-and-white. Since color TV began to make a home in people’s lives, more people have reported dreaming in color. This is because our dreams and subconscious are drawn from our waking lives. As visual media has a significant impact on the subconscious, our dreams are colored by what is already imprinted in our minds, whether that be colors or greyscale.

This only proves that our thoughts, emotions, temperament, and even senses (like sight for color and nose for smell) are reflected in dreams.

And because words and colors have the meanings that we attribute to them, the meanings behind our dream colors can be found in what we attribute those colors with, on a personal as well as community level. Let us further understand the color symbolism in dreams.

What does it mean to dream in black and white?

What does it mean to dream in black and white

There are various meanings we could attribute to the cause of colorless dreams.

Watching black-and-white movies

It is best to consider this one first so as not to waste time pondering over the various metaphoric undertones. It may very well turn out that your colorless dreams are merely because you watched a black-and-white movie recently.


Because we tend to associate the colors black and white with boredom, repetition, and monotony, it is possible that your black-and-white dream symbolizes a monotonous lifestyle, work, or relationship.


Black is associated with dark feelings, depression, repression, and loneliness. It may be that you are feeling down or alone, and your subconscious is pointing to such repressed emotions.


Not everything is black and white

We use this phrase when we think a person isn’t considering all aspects of a situation, is too narrow-minded, or thinks in extremes. Seeing dreams in black and white could mean you know you’re being too rigid where you shouldn’t, and this is your subconscious showing it to you.

The Past

Black and white movies signify the past and bring out feelings of nostalgia or wistfulness inside us. Such dreams may signify a particular remembrance or undealt with emotion from the past.


Dreams may occur in which a single color overshadows all else or where the background is complete darkness or light. Such dreams may signify a new beginning, a starting point. A book as yet unwritten. This may signify the presence of multiple opportunities ahead. In the case of a black overshadowing, the connotation may also be negative. Like feeling depressed, seeing no way out, or being stuck somewhere.


Black is associated with rot and decadence. It also signifies death and nothingness. Dreams in which the scenario is predominantly black or darkness slowly seems to spread across the whole scape may signify bad times, death, or the spread of sickness.

Black-and-white dreams can be interpreted in terms of the above only because we tend to associate those colors with certain emotions and situations. Interpretations according to different personal or community beliefs may also be considered. For example, some communities associate death with the color black, while others with white.

Color Symbolism in Dreams

Color Symbolism in Dreams

When a certain color seems to be the highlight of a dream or when nothing about the dream remains but a certain color that you associate it with, it means that color holds significance and is supposed to mean something. Just as with black and white, what we perceive color to signify or mean is essential to interpreting colors in dream scenarios.


Red is generally associated with anger, passion, sex, frustration, and danger.

A red-dominated dream may convey feelings of repressed anger, frustration, and sexual tension. Red also signifies aggression, which may convey that there is a feeling of helplessness that leads one to resort to violence.

The other aspects and elements of the dream need to be recalled and connected with the symbolic red; this can help interpret the dream entirely.


Blue is associated with gloom and sadness, while its lighter tones are associated with peace and serenity.

Depending on the shade of blue the dream includes, it could either mean extreme sadness or a quiet calm. Blue can constitute destructive storms as well as silent seas.


Green is the color of nature. It either portrays connection and birth or envy and desire. Because green is the color of cash, we sometimes associate it with money and success as well.

It is essential to understand first in what context and object green color features. According to that, it can be understood, to some extent, what the subconscious means to convey.


Orange can be associated with strength, tolerance, keenness, and vitality. It can also mean letting go and beginning anew, like in autumn.

If you see an abundance of oranges in dreams, know that it is only a good sign. You may be going through some changes or might need to stay strong and steady.


Yellow is the color of sunshine, laughter, and hunger. Being the happiest color, yellow represents joy and optimism as well.

Seeing yellow dreams is generally known to be a positive sign and means you are approaching a healthy mindset and happy times.


Purple is a bold and authoritative color. It is mostly associated with royalty and status, but it is also associated with haughtiness and pomp.

A dream with purple in it might contain magical elements and a political air.


Pink is universally connected with love, tenderness, and flirting. A more playful color, dreams with pink in them, might just mean there is someone special out. Romantic and playful dreams may feature pink heavily.

Dreams with Absurd Color Combinations

We saw what different colors might mean when featured heavily in dreams, but what if the colors are all jumbled up and wrongly fit? What if people have orange skin and pink hair?

Absurd dreams are a delight to recall for sure, but what to make of them?

Well, even those seemingly mindless dreams are trying to tell you something. Focus on the combinations. A nightmare in which a person with golden eyes and a black silhouette tries to stab the dreamer; the dark figure indicates stealth and death, while the golden eyes might reference a spotlight that targets the dreamer.

The best way to interpret such dreams is to understand what each element might stand for in a symbolic sense. Like in the above example, the individual out to stab indicates a threat, which can lead us to understand that the brain fears an attack, or is feeling attacked; whether in a physical, mental or emotional sense.


Interpreting dreams is no simple task and might end up getting you more confused. However, any dream can make sense with a focus on details and connection to life scenarios. After all, it is our own subconscious directing and crafting these adventurous wonders for us, using real-life incidents and imagination and taking inspiration from the various forms of media that the brain exposes itself to.

Sometimes, the dream does not make sense at all, even with all the connections and metaphoric attempts. In such a case, do not take it too seriously. Dreams are a normal part of the human sleep cycle, and their content does not indicate future happenings; they indicate simply what we feel and think about our present, past, and future happenings.