Do you frequently dream that someone is chasing you? These nightmares might make anyone fearful of encountering a situation like this. This dream scenario contains signals regarding your success and worries in the real world. Dreams of being hunted down typically represent these feelings: stress, anxiety, and dread. You may be worried because you’re frightened of something or perhaps you are anxious about leaving a particular circumstance.


We are constantly interested in our dreams, their origins, and the significance they have in our life. Several theories exist regarding this matter. Being pursued is one of the most prevalent dream themes and something that the majority of us would consider stressful. Compared to adult nightmares, children’s nightmares have this theme far more frequently. If you or your loved ones are experiencing dreams of being chased, then here’s everything that you should know.


Types Of Chased Dreams and Their Significance


The classic chase dream has many versions, and details are crucial in dreams. What is following you? Are you the chaser or not? These specifics are crucial.


“In the pandemic dreams I’ve been experiencing,” Ellis observes, “the chaser is more frequently something terrible and invisible—like a virus! To comprehend the essence of what feels frightening, paying attention to what or who is doing the chasing is crucial. Here, she explains what some possible iterations of this dream might be trying to tell you.


A Dream Where You Are Getting Followed By A Stranger

According to Ellis, fleeing from an unknown person may indicate that you are feeling endangered but unaware of the threat’s true nature. This might even reflect your daytime anxiousness, frequently appearing out of the blue.


You’re Avoiding a friend or close relative

You're Avoiding a friend or close relative as they are intolerable


According to Ellis, you can ask yourself: What are the most distinguishing qualities of this individual if you dream that they are chasing you? Are they particularly hostile or tyrannical? Do they have a disturbed personality or a mental disease of some kind? Do you find them to be intolerable? Because we tend to project our own undesirable traits onto others in dreams and in waking life, she says these traits may make you feel uncomfortable about yourself.


A beast is chasing you

Being pursued by an animal is a common chase dream as well. In that situation, according to Ellis, “It might be the fear relating to the natural world.” “Or you could think about the particular characteristics of that animal and what about it frightens you.” According to her, seeing a bear, for instance, could mean believing a situation is too enormous or overwhelming for you to handle.


An unthreatening object is chasing you

An unthreatening object is chasing you to get away


You can occasionally dream that you are being pursued by a friendly human or animal. “This is hardly a threatening animal,” says Ellis of a deer that is pursuing you. Therefore, if something isn’t terrifying to you, your dream may be telling you to flee. Alternatively, you might be running away from your own fearfulness or the deer-like flightiness that you possess.


Repeated Chasing Dreams

If you keep having this dream, according to Ellis, your dreams are desperately attempting to attract your attention, making it even more crucial that you do. Recurring dreams typically indicate that something is unresolved or trapped, and they are also linked to greater levels of distress overall.


You are the one who is chasing now in dreams

You are the one who is chasing now in the dreams with detailed analysis


Last but not least, if you are the one pursuing this dream (which Ellis points out is much less often), it is “useful to inquire into the nature of what you are chasing,” she adds, as well as asking yourself if chasing and not receiving what you desire is a familiar emotion. This dream suggests you may feel something is out of your reach.


Soldiers or police chasing you

The police or military may pursue you, so your unconscious activities may finally catch up with you. When you misbehave or do something you shouldn’t, the police are the authorities or enforcers who step in. It will have an effect even if you are not conscious of what you are doing. They are sent by our unconscious selves, which are known to control our emotions, movements, and potentially broken belief systems.


The Spiritual Meaning of Chasing Dreams


The Spiritual Meaning of Chasing Dreams With Elaborated Interpretation


Spiritual Factors Behind Chasing Dreams

In the spiritual realm, chasing dreams can result from a variety of factors, including:

  • A pessimistic outlook on life and the urge to defend oneself, which explains why you are being followed.
  • Giving others too much of your spirituality indicates that you are emotionally vulnerable.
  • If you believe that there are angry or conflicted people around you, this indicates that others will be negative around you. The dream indicates that you are attempting to flee spiritually from these people.
  • If you’ve come into contact with negative people or are living with auric vampires, you must safeguard your aura and yourself.

Running from Real-life Issues

We all have a propensity to flee from people, circumstances, and fears in the waking world; I’m sure there are many aspects of life you have fled from. An approach to describe your attempt to flee from some aspect of your hidden “psyche” is to use the dream’s “chase” element.

Psychological Interpretations of Being Chased

Being pursued in a dream does indicate concern. In your dream, whatever is pursuing you is your unconscious mind reminding you that you have obligations to fulfil. Psychologically speaking, this dream may also indicate that you are avoiding obligations that must be resolved. Generally speaking, if an animal is pursuing you, it means that you need to come to terms with your passion in life.


The Spiritual Significance of Dreams

It’s critical to know that dreams have a spiritual meaning. Chasing dreams involves navigating an energy field, and we frequently receive guidance from our spirits and those of departed loved ones. Along with your thoughts, spiritual development frequently occurs in dreams. People’s spiritual forces are at work when they dream deeply. Chasing a dream is frequently related to our aura and indicates the urge to surround oneself with safety.

Elevating Spiritual Vibrations

We automatically raise our vibrations on a spiritual level. We refer to this as our inner light. When we feel threatened in a dream, this is a sign that we need to make a psychic or spiritual connection. It is also related to our inner guidance. You might discover that you are more understanding of the requirements of other people and animals due to this dream. Try to be conscious that you need to set boundaries and ensure you don’t give others your energy when they don’t deserve it.

How To Discontinue Having Chasing Dreams


How To Discontinue Having Chasing Dreams With Relatable Advice


These interpretations, according to Ellis, are mere interpretations. She asserts that only the dreamer can ensure an accurate interpretation. But once you understand the significance of the chase dream you’ve been experiencing, you can apply the lessons learned to stop having them eventually.


Turn and face what is chasing you, says Ellis, to stop having these dreams and learn from them. If you can lucidly dream, you can conduct this exercise in the dream itself, but for most individuals, it can be done while you are awake.


You should “imagine yourself back in your dream and sink into the dreamscape using as many senses as possible,” she advises. The experiential state will be more profound as a result. After that, halt your movement, take a deep breath, and turn to face your pursuer. They are likely to become immobilized by this.


You can then find out what they need from you. She continues, “I can’t forecast what the dream image will do or say because that depends so much on the particular dreamer—but I can tell you that this action always transforms the dream. Usually, when you do this, the frightening features of the chaser melt away. After this, nothing is ever the same.”



Don’t be shocked if a frantic pursuit scene appears in your dreams or you’re experiencing any anxiety or tension in your waking life. We can get to the bottom —and maybe stop the negative ones from bugging us any longer—when we can decipher the meanings of our chase dreams and flip the story on its head.